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Shaktipat Video Introduction



View this shaktipat video introduction to our weekend Shaktipat Meditation Retreat. Offered by Sadguru Kedarji. Watch the full video. Then, if you have any questions about what you experience in viewing the video, or questions about the weekend Shaktipat Blessing retreat, contact us.

Intro To Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing Retreat
Kambra McConnel – Board of Directors

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Shaktipat Online

You are much greater than you think you are! But to understand and experience this on a lasting basis, you have to go beyond your mind and beyond your senses, by first making your mind quiet and then becoming established in that witness to your mind. In this way, you can experience how truly great you are! To experience this fully, requires the bond of power inherent in the receipt of Grace that allows you to begin living in a state of Grace! This Grace-bestowing power is transmitted by Sadguru Kedarji in our weekend Shaktipat Blessing retreats.

Your quality of life and your ability to lead a life well-lived in your existence here, is completely dependent upon whether or not your are able to master all the energies of your life. Everyone wants a better, more useful life. Isn’t this so? But first it is necessary for you to understand your mind, the understandings your reach for and your inner state – because these impact your life in ways that are not obvious at first. They operate just beneath the level of your conscious awareness. So, you have to be able to observe your limiting and binding tendencies that are the obstacles to your permanent spiritual transformation, from that place that is beyond your mind and beyond your senses.

Join us for this insightful webinar to discover more!

Online Shaktipat Video Topics

  • Why Is Being In the Present Moment So Relevant To A Life Well-Lived?
  • Introduction To The Arc.
  • Experience More of Our Witness Consciousness Centering Methods.
  • Your Inner State Is Your Fate.
  • Understanding The Value and Importance of Receiving Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing.

free shaktipat online course