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Find Spiritual Guru

On this page you will learn how to find a true spiritual guru. Sadguru Kedarji is spiritual master qualified to mentor you in spiritual life. Here, you can find a spiritual guru who is more than just a spiritual teacher. Finding a master who has the ability to lead you to permanent spiritual transformation is important, for Guru’s Grace is the key.

Find Spiritual Guru – Who Can Be A Spiritual Guru?

To be sure, you find a spiritual guru by seeking out a spiritual master who has served another spiritual guru over a period of many years. Therefore, you should seek out a spiritual guru whose spiritual attainment has been thoroughly tested by another. As an example, if you want to be a great athlete, scientist or performing artist, do you study with someone who does not have many years experience training under an experienced athlete? No. The same applies to your search for an authentic spiritual guru. Moreover, if you want permanent spiritual transformation, you need a spiritual mentor who is a true spiritual master.

Find Spiritual Guru – Verifiable History?

You find a spiritual guru by looking for a spiritual master with a verifiable history of leading others to full attainment. Therefore, it’s important that the master has a history of giving people a direct experience of what is being taught. In spiritual life, intellectual knowledge becomes useless very quickly. Lasting experience is everything. You can’t argue with experience. Indeed, you find a spiritual guru, by asking yourself; “Does this being have followers who can attest to permanent spiritual transformation by way of experience?” “Does the master have a verifiable track record of leading people to permanent spiritual transformation?”

Because this is so important, find more information about an authentic spiritual guru.

Find Spiritual Guru

Find Spiritual Guru – Do You Get Lasting Results?

Equally important, to find a spiritual guru requires that you evaluate whether or not the methods taught are effective. Therefore, you must have deepening experiences of joy, inner peace, content and a quiet mind from what the Guru instructs. True seekers ask; “Does the instruction and spiritual practices offered anchor me in these states?” Then, after following the instruction of the spiritual guru over an extended period of time, you should  also ask; “Are the methods I am being taught leading me to experience permanent spiritual transformation when I follow them as instructed?” “Do I experience the Grace-bestowing power of God when in the spiritual Guru’s presence, and even when not in his presence?

Find A Spiritual Guru

Therefore, a great sage tells us, “The only thing required for spiritual growth is detachment from worldly pleasures. If you don’t listen to this, you will fail in the end. The thoughtless state, the state of detachment, is the highest state. How can there be desire in the state of detachment? It is not the world the yogi gives up, it is desire for worldly sense pleasure. The true yogi is full and content whether he is a pauper or a rich man. If pleasurable things come your way, experience them, but never go looking. Always be content in yourself wherever you are and whatever your circumstances.”
~ Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri

Spiritual Master Sadguru Kedarji
What Is Guru’s Grace? – The Foundation of Our Approach

Sadguru Kedarji
What Is A Sadguru and Why Is A Guru Necessary?

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Find Spiritual Guru – The Arc

Sadguru Kedarji teaches us the very important practice of The Arc. Truly speaking, in order for you to keep your attention on That which gives the direct experience of your own sweet Bliss, you have to reach for the highest understandings. You have to do so in every moment of your existence here. In particular, you will find that these understandings are borne of the wisdom of the sages of steady wisdom who have attained Self-realization.

Find Spiritual Guru – We Learn By Example

Equally important for you to consider is this. A star athlete becomes a great champion by way of the training he/she receives from another star athlete. The expert’s instruction is comprised of the understandings that will keep the trainee fully engaged. The trainee must be fully engaged in the feelings, emotions and vibrations that make the trainee vigilant in his/her training. In the same way, a great musician is made by another great musician. The master musician’s understandings about music and the musical journey influence the student to become great. In the same way, we take the understandings imparted by the Self-realized Love Beings, over our own, so that we too can be influenced and led to their state. This state is that of the witness to your mind. It is what is experienced beyond the mind and beyond the senses.

Find Spiritual Guru – The Guru Must Be Authentic

Therefore, to go there, you need an authentic spiritual guru and path in which you can test the practice of The Arc for yourself. You will find that understandings always dictate feelings. Consequently, how you feel in the moment (and the subsequent emotions you embrace) dictates how you vibrate from moment-to-moment. How you vibrate in this way, dictates who and what you attract into your life. That determines the inner state (either contracted or expanded) that you wind up with.

In the Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga curriculum, you will learn the practice of The Arc. Sadguru Kedarji instructs us in this method of experiencing the Self. You will find that this practice is a powerful method for attaining Liberation in the present moment.

Do you lack this understanding and direct experience of its truth?

Because, if you examine your thinking and behavior from the witness to your mind, you will probably observe how you confuse satisfaction with happiness. Indeed, this is the great dilemma. You pursue limiting desire and craving in the form of pleasure. You hope that pleasure will allow you to avoid pain. Therefore, you pursue comfort, security and reward, as you are told to do in the society in which you live. Similarly, you are told to do it in the way in which you’ve been raised. You pursue these through the way in which all of your family and friends dictate to you that you should. In this way, you hope to experience permanent happiness. But, in most cases, you’ve probably just been calling satisfaction happiness, confusing the two.

Find Spiritual Guru – Welcome To Your Spiritual Home

Here you will find the means to experience true happiness in the only place that it exists – inside you!