The Art of Inner Transformation

What Is The Art of Inner Transformation?

Permanent Spiritual Transformation. The Art of Inner Transformation is a full curriculum of programs, events, courses, weekend Shaktipat Blessing retreats, and week-long awakening retreats. This curriculum is designed for all those who are seeking permanent spiritual transformation by way of inner Peace, Happiness and Divine Love that is without distinctions.

Through our many years of research, case studies and blind surveys, we know that everyone wants to be happy. The challenge is always the same – seeking Happiness where it exists naturally inside you, rather than continuing to search outside yourself, in all those people, places and things where happiness cannot be found.

End Your Seeking Now.

The truth is, if you examine your life very carefully, you will see that every activity you engage in, every thought you reach for, every limiting desire and craving you pursue – that you are doing so for one reason – because you want to be happy. This is undeniable and is why permanent spiritual transformation is so necessary.

Permanent Spiritual Transformation is Vital For Inner Peace, Happiness and Joy

You’ve been looking for this happiness like searching for water in a desert. You’ve been doing so for so many lifetimes. You’re always looking outside for people, places, and things that you hope will complete you. Isn’t this true? Then, through the law of diminishing returns, some people realize that, the more they pursue happiness outside, the less they get in return. Maybe you’ve already reached this point. If you haven’t, you will, because that is the sacred law here that is instituted by God. Happiness is not to be found outside in anything that is transient or ephemeral. It is found only through spiritual transformation that is permanent.

Are you like so many people who lack this understanding and direct experience of its truth?

If you examine your thinking and behavior from the witness to your mind, you will probably observe how you confuse satisfaction with happiness. This is the great dilemma. You pursue limiting desire and craving in the form of pleasure that you hope will allow you to avoid pain. You pursue comfort, security and reward, as you are told to do in the society in which you live, in the way in which you’ve been raised, in the way in which all of your family and friends dictate to you that you should. In this way, you hope to experience permanent happiness. But, in most cases, you’ve probably just been calling satisfaction happiness, confusing the two.

Here’s how it works. It’s very simple to understand, if you reach within your own heart. The truth is—happiness, in order to be Happiness, cannot be connected to any outcome. Otherwise, it is ephemeral and transient. Then it can be influenced, shaken, disrupted, destroyed by changes in the people and circumstances that come and go in your life. For this reason, for happiness to be Happiness, it cannot rely on the outcome of any situation or circumstance. Indeed, Happiness is an inner state that is completely independent of people, places and things. It is the highest of states. It is the greatest of accomplishments. It is the most wonderful and deeply profound, inner experience. And it is a spiritual principle that exists inside you, that you can begin to experience on a consistent basis by going beyond your mind and beyond your senses. This is what permanent spiritual transformation is all about.

Spiritual Leadership Is Required For An Inspired, Uplifting Life of Permanent Spiritual Transformation

There is a big difference between a spiritual teacher and a Sadguru. Anyone with a little intelligence and the ability to gather information can teach you to meditate, chant and intellectualize about spiritual growth. Such people may present themselves as masters, but are really just information providers or guides to help you increase you desire to learn. There is nothing wrong with this.

However, where permanent spiritual transformation is concerned, this approach is not effective because, at best, you will only have passing glimpses of peace and happiness. Without the leadership of a Sadguru, you will forget these glimpses or grow bored with them, as you pursue the worldly distractions that compete with your fleeting desire to go inside.

The difference between a spiritual teacher and a Sadguru (true Guru) who is also a Shaktipat Guru, is that a Sadguru has the ability and authority to give you a direct and immediate experience of what is being taught that leads to permanent spiritual transformation – whereas a spiritual teacher can only give you intellectual knowledge, at best. This is what sets The Art of Inner Transformation apart from the huge department store of spiritual teachers everywhere.

The spiritual leadership that one receives from a Sadguru like Kedarji is a path of mentorship that secures lasting progress in spiritual growth and Liberation. This is so because all spiritual attainment must be tested. The ego will not test itself.

There is where you think you are at, and then there is where you are really at. Until the final dawning of Liberation, these two are not the same. So, as you begin to make lasting spiritual progress, how will you know what your attainment really is?

For example, when you have engaged in formal education, how did you know that you passed the tests given?

As another example, if you are training to be an athlete or professional performing artists, how do you know that you are ready to compete?

There is only one way that you know. Your mentor tells you so! The authority on the subject whom you are studying with grades your tests and decides if you’ve passed or failed, and how you need to be instructed to excel. It is no different in spiritual life, where permanent spiritual transformation is concerned. An outside agent is necessary because you have to be led. In The Art of Inner Transformation approach, that agent, by the full power of agency known as Grace, is the living Sadguru.

In spiritual life, as in so many other areas of life, to excel at something worthwhile also requires a power source! Here, all of the methods, principles and practices that are instructed are connected to the power source of Grace that is transmitted by Sadguru Kedarji. This is the bond of power that secures the goal of permanent spiritual transformation and Liberation in the moment – from moment-to-moment.

End Your Seeking Now With A Full Curriculum For Permanent Spiritual Transformation

Here in the Art of Inner Transformation, we have proved, effective methods for helping you to experience true Happiness. Then we help you to reach for that Happiness with proven methods, in order to break your Karmic habits of settling for less.

This is what you do. You settle for less than what happiness is. Then you accept satisfaction as happiness. This is how you settle for less, when there is tremendous wealth within you that is yours to claim. That inner wealth is a palace of Peace, Love and Joy. In the Art of Inner Transformation, our entire focus of methods, instruction and leadership is to get you to arrive and become established in that Happiness. It is so inspiring, so uplifting and so permanent!

Another very important pillar of the foundation for The Art of Inner Transformation approach is Joy! Contained within you, there is this wonderful treasure of Joy. It is a profound state of Bliss that is already there inside you. This is your wealth. It is who you are. This Joy is a limitless sky of Peace and Content. You can experience it for yourself when you go beyond your mind and beyond your senses. Here we employ proved, effective methods for making the restless mind quiet, for turning your mind within, so that it can begin to dissolve in this ocean of Joy that is already there within you. It’s a treasure that you already own, but have lost.

In The Art of Inner Transformation, we have practices and methods for helping you to become established in that Joy, your own sweet Bliss. These methods begin with Shaktipat Meditation and the Witness Consciousness Centering techniques you are taught.

There is this state of Witness Consciousness where you can begin to observe your mind, your body, and your senses from a place that is far beyond the mind. You can begin to experience the witness to your mind in this way, so that you can observe all the places that your mind goes that you really don’t want it to goso that you can begin to observe all the places that you allow your mind to wander that are not useful or beneficial for your spiritual growth. These are mental states and moods that keep you contracted, limited, and bound. This causes you to become attached to mental conditioning that causes you to believe that you are something and someone who you are not.

Instead, there is this place of witnessing awareness, beyond your mind and beyond your senses where, with the practice of our methods, you can begin to taste the sweet nectar of Self-awareness. Then you can relish in Joy—incredible, profound Joy! This is a state of awe, out of which you also begin to experience what we refer to as Equality Consciousness.

Make Your Restless Mind Quiet

Equality Consciousness is steeped in this awe. You begin to experience that there is no separation between you and other people, places, and things. You begin to experience Oneness in this way. And then you have this realization: that the Highest, the Supreme Being—otherwise called God, or the Self, or the Supreme Intelligence, or the Absolute—that you are not only one with this Absolute, but that you and all others are the same. It is God who dwells in that body of yours, and in the body and forms of all other beings.

By going beyond your mind and beyond your senses, you begin to have this experience by an expanding, witnessing awareness. It’s not merely intellectual. By going beyond your mind and beyond your senses, you begin to have this direct experience. We’ve proved this. There are so many case studies over the years where people who have been instructed in The Art of Inner Transformation have attained this state. Just review the videos, audio and articles of experience shares at this web site!

Then there are the sages of steady wisdom, the Self-realized Love beings of our lineage who also attained this state. They express it so well in the sacred texts we make available in our bookstore and online store.

The good news is that you can also have this experience of Joy, by being fully present in the moment with the Self, utilizing the expert instruction offered in our approach.

You can also start by being fully present in the moment with the experience of Gratitude. This is a good place to begin. You can begin to purify your heart by the broom of the spiritual principle of Gratitude. Give thanks to the Highest. This gratitude spontaneously leads you into the experience of content.

Content is such a divine experience! You become content with being content. This is what allows you to experience that limitless sky of Bliss, that unending Joy that is your treasure, contained within you—beyond your mind, beyond your senses. It’s a profound state. This state is the Supreme Intelligence.

So the goal of our approach is to lead you, with proven methods, so that you can dive in and merge in your own sweet state of Joy, Peace, Love and inspired living! Claim it now. Don’t waste any more time.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon!

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