How To Move From Fear, Anxiety, Doubt, Worry and Anger By Leaping Into Unbreakable Joy, Abundance and Well-Being In One Grace-Filled Weekend. Experience Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing – Shaktipat initiation for a most profound spiritual awakening. This is Sadguru Kedarji’s full kundalini awakening offered in our weekend Shaktipat Meditation retreats.

What Is Shaktipat Initiation? On This Page You Will Learn:

  • You Will Learn All About Authentic Shaktipat Initiation From A Shaktipat Sadguru.
  • Who Can Benefit From Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing.
  • Why Should You Receive Shaktipat Initiation Now? – The Benefits.
  • Short Video Testimonials For Your Viewing.

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What is Shaktipat Initiation?

Shaktipat initiation is a spiritual awakening of awareness of your Divinity. You experience the Divine force of God within you and all around you. This Divinity is also known as God Consciousness. For example, within your being there is a dormant, spiritual awareness that is hidden. You conceal it beneath so many worldly impressions, thoughts, notions, ideas and opinions. This sleeping spiritual awareness, also known as Kundalini, is dormant in you. Therefore, the purpose of Shaktipat Initiation is full Kundalini awakening. Most importantly, this blessing of Grace is offered in our weekend Shaktipat Meditation Retreats. Also, inherent for you in this Blessing is the leadership of Sadguru Kedarji in the expansion of Kundalini to its fullest potential in God Consciousness.

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Why Now?

Why not now!? Do you wake up with your heart singing and dancing with indescribable Joy? If not, why not?

Over a short period of time, it is entirely possible for you to attain a state of Grace. People like you are already experiencing true Happiness and unbreakable Joy that is not dependent on anything or anyone outside themselves. Why not you? Why not now? Truly, you can attain the inner strength necessary to take on life’s challenges with a smile on your face. Besides, you can have all this while treading a pathway to well-being and vibrant health.

This Shaktipat Initiation, this spiritual awakening, is the spark. With this full Kundalini awakening that is offered in our weekend Shaktipat Meditation Retreats, you can grasp the easy means to happiness, well-being and vibrant health.

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Who Can Benefit From Receiving Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing? 

People who have been transformed by Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing are:

  • Genuine seekers of the Truth.
  • People seeking lasting peace and happiness for no good reason through a spiritual approach or path that delivers. These are people from all walks of life, in all fields of endeavor.
  • Yogis and spiritual seekers of the Truth looking to heighten their experience of Divine Consciousness.
  • Those looking for answers in spiritual life and holistic well-being, by way of experienced spiritual leadership.
  • People who are seeking holistic well-being who recognize that the foundation for that resides in harnessing spiritual power for an improved mental state, emotional resilience and vibrant health.

**View these short video testimonials of some of these people.

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