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What Is Shaktipat Initiation?

  • Learn All About Authentic Shaktipat Initiation From A Shaktipat Sadguru.
  • Find Out Why You Should Receive This Initiation.
  • Learn How Shaktipat Initiation Will Improve Your Life.
  • All About Who Can Transmit Shaktipat
  • Get The Schedule of Shaktipat Meditation Retreats and Intensives.

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What is Shaktipat Initiation?

Shaktipat initiation is a spiritual awakening of awareness of your Divinity and the Divine force of God within you and all around you. This Divinity is also known as God Consciousness. For example, within your being there is a dormant, spiritual awareness that is hidden beneath so many worldly impressions, thoughts, notions, ideas and opinions. This sleeping spiritual awareness is also called Kundalini. Therefore, the purpose of Shaktipat Initiation is to awaken this dormant Kundalini, and to cause it to expand to its fullest potential in God Consciousness.

Why Should You Receive It?

Just as a rose needs planting, water and careful nurturing to fully bloom, so too the spiritual awareness within you needs the spark of the highest power to become fully awakened. Specifically, this spark paves the way for your entrance into an approach in which you can water and nurture this fully awakened Kundalini to its fullest power.

You may find Meditation, chanting and the study of sacred texts to be useful. However, on their own, these practices are not enough to secure a steady experience of the Ultimate Reality. This Ultimate Reality, also called The Self, is the same energy substratum that permeates your daily, mundane life. Indeed, for you to experience this for yourself, you need a catalyst. In other words, you need a spark that will catapult you into a new dimension of spiritual power that is Kundalini Shakti. Specifically, this is the power that can make your mind quiet. In addition, you need the methods necessary to give you a steadiness of Joy, Peace and Happiness as spontaneous and lasting experiences.

How Shaktipat Initiation Will Improve Your Life

The receipt of Shaktipat Initiation allows you to harness the power of the universe. Truly, this is the same power that has brought the entire cosmos into being. It is the same energy substratum that forms the foundation for all of life. This is a spiritual power and this spiritual power is the driving force behind all of existence. Once accessed, you see with a heightened vision of life and are able to harness spiritual power to improve your mental state, increase your emotional resilience and attain vibrant health. Specifically, people who receive this initiation from an authentic Shaktipat Guru, experience the following:

  • Cessation of the restless mind
  • Greater mental clarity and brainpower
  • Increased spiritual or witnessing awareness that allows you to see the Unity in everything and everyone
  • Constant access to the highest power, the energy substratum of everything, God Consciousness
  • Increased Humanity
  • The ability to express your Humanity emotionally, without becoming a slave to your emotions
  • Inspiration and intuition that are spontaneous and lasting
  • The inner strength necessary to take on your life’s challenges with a smile on your face
  • Vibrant health and holistic well-being
  • The gradual experience of living in a state of Grace and indescribable Joy.

Who Can Transmit Shaktipat?

Shaktipat initiation is the transmission of the Grace-bestowing power of God. Hence, it can only be given by one who is an authentic Shaktipat Guru in a lineage of such beings. Shaktipat Gurus are very rare. Additionally, such beings have served their own Shaktipat Guru for many years, while following the instruction necessary to store the maximum amount of the Divine Conscious Energy necessary to give Shaktipat without ever becoming depleted of that maximum amount. This requires that the Shaktipat Guru, who must be a Self-realized or fully enlightened master, has undergone an intense spiritual discipline under the leadership of another such Guru, for many years. Sadguru Kedarji is such a being.

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PROVED EFFECTIVE. We use exit surveys and post-weekend Shaktipat Meditation Retreats follow up surveys to measure our effectiveness. 96% of all people who have taken our Weekend Shaktipat Initiation retreats to receive Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing, report profound, undeniable and lasting results. In addition, they tell us that they have become anchored in a life-changing set of experiences. As a result, they share that these are the clear proof that they received a profound spiritual awakening of Grace that is undeniable. Learn More.

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Shaktipat Meditation Retreat Center

We are an international Shaktipat Meditation Retreat Center. Shaktipat Initiation, a spiritual initiation that focuses on kundalini awakening, is our focus here. In short, our school is run by Sadguru Kedarji and trained, certified teaching staff. Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga is the main curriculum here.

Additionally, the focus of this curriculum is to offer you a retreat environment for experiencing Shaktipat Initiation. This is the entry point to a full curriculum in the education and experience of the Shaktipat Kriya process. Accordingly, this process is also know as Sadhana.

Our international Shaktipat Retreat Center is located in Youngstown, Ohio. You will find it to be a perfect setting to receive Shaktipat Initiation. Also, it is a wonderful haven to experience Shaktipat Meditation. We offer a range of programs and Shaktipat retreats focused on Shaktipat Initiation. They include:

Weekend Shaktipat Blessing Retreats & Intensives

Weeklong Shaktipat Meditation Retreats

Mini Courses In Shaktipat Meditation and Sadhana

Also, you can access our retreat center by car, plane, rail, bus and train. Additionally, you can also attend some events on the Internet. Further, overnight accommodations are available at our Shaktipat Meditation Retreat Center. You can find additional accommodations at area hotels.

We have additional event locations where programs are offered in Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA.

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