Shaktipat Education & Resource Guide

Shaktipat Guide

Shaktipat Education & Resource Guide

Authentic Shaktipat and Who Can Give It. eBook PDF download For Shaktipat Initiation By An Authentic Shaktipat Master.

What you will learn from reading this eBook:

  1. Gain a better understanding of what Shaktipat is.
  2. Have the tools you need to choose an authentic Shaktipat Master.
  3. You will better understand how this Blessing unfolds.
  4. View results of actual case studies of people who have received this Blessing.
  5. Read extensive Shaktipat FAQ.
  6. Find additional resources and information about Shaktipat and Shaktipat Masters on this page.

Shaktipat Guide

Shaktipat Guide
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Shaktipat Education Resource Guide
Authentic Shaktipat and Who Can Give It

“I Took A Permanent Quantum Leap In My Spiritual and Well-Being Transformation, With Just One Touch!”

One must seek the shortest route and fastest means to
get back home, to turn one’s inner spark into a blaze
and then to merge and identify with that greater fire
which ignited the spark.

~ Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri


We are offering the entire eBook, The Shaktipat Education & Resource Guide – Authentic Shaktipat and Who Can Give It, by Sadguru Kedarji, Free. Use the links below to download this guide to Shaktipat eBook.

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The Easy Means

In the Shaktipat Education Resource Guide you will learn what authentic Shaktipat initiation is. You will also learn why it can only be transmitted by Shaktipat Masters. This quantum leap of the Shaktipat Blessing is called the easy or spontaneous means. We call it this because most have engaged in lifetimes of arduous struggle and practice. They have engaged the kind of practice that utilizes many different spiritual techniques. You can replace all these with this initiation given by a Shaktipat Guru. This makes the practice necessary for going beyond the mind and beyond the senses spontaneous and free flowing.

A Shaktipat Guru is a Sadguru (true Guru). You will find that such a being has stored up the maximum amount of Divine Conscious Energy (Shakti). This maximum amount is necessary to fully awaken this dormant spiritual awareness in others. These Masters can do so without ever depleting their maximum store of Shakti.

Excerpt – Shaktipat Education Resource Guide

Such a being is also a Master at leading you in such a way that the fully awakened Shakti is properly nurtured to full expansion. In this way, you experience that you eventually rest in the uninterrupted state of Pure Perceiving Awareness. This Pure Perceiving Awareness brings the exalted experience of the fullness of Humanity in the constant delight of the Self. Entrance into the process or journey to this full expansion of Shakti is the purpose of the receipt of authentic Shaktipat. The journey is what we refer to as the Shaktipat Kriya Process.

To be clear, this Grace-bestowing power is transmitted by an authentic Shaktipat Guru to awaken Kundalini (dormant spiritual energy or awareness). It is also offered to you to revolutionize your meditation practice and spiritual life. Those who have had a lapse in their spiritual practice or feel the need for additional support, also return to receive this transmission of Grace-bestowing power.

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I place my head at the lotus feet of my Shri Gurudev, Muktananda Paramahamsa. He is entirely responsible for this work. Baba Muktananda, as His disciples affectionately referred to Him, brought Shaktipat to the West. Before His coming, Shaktipat was virtually unknown outside of India and Asia. Therefore, Baba was, singlehandedly, responsible for bringing Shaktipat to the world. He magnified the education and experience of it through three world tours.

Muktananda Paramahamsa is also responsible for framing Shaktipat in the proper and most useful fashion. First, he created what is now widely known as the weekend Shaktipat intensive. Second, he also removed the false separation between Shaktipat and the Shaktipat Kriya Process (a.k.a Sadhana). He did so by instructing us in the merits of that process, in order to realize the true goal of Shaktipat.

More Excerpt

Therefore, to Shri Muktananda be the glory! I offer these writings to Him.

What if you could experience a state of peace and indescribable joy, while calming your restless mind in less than 3 minutes, without years of meditation practice?

What if you could experience unconditional love and compassion for yourself and for others while, at the same time, experiencing a state of fearlessness beyond comparison, without years of arduous struggle?

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In the early stages of my meditation practice (the first 10 years), I spent hours each day meditating vigilantly. I had spent almost a year living in a Zen monastery. I was taught a form of Zen meditation by the monks there. Later, I took up Transcendental Meditation under the supervision of an assigned meditation coach. At the same time, I had fervently examined many scriptures and sacred texts of the world’s religious and spiritual paths. Many of these texts were ripe with utterances of Saints and Sages of the varying traditions embodied in these scriptures.

I spent enough time studying and reexamining these to know that, in all my years of meditating, I had not had a single inner experience like the ones these Sages spoke of in their utterances! I had no visions of light and sound. No visitations of Saints past. No strong inner voice leading me. And no experiences of the indescribable Joy, the sweet Bliss that I had read about. The only experience I could look forward to was being in “time out” with my restless mind and my battles to make it quiet enough to have a momentary glimpse of peace.

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This is the way it was until I met my Shri Gurudev and received authentic Shaktipat. It was also an initiation into the great Shiva lineage of Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. Immediately, my meditations became spontaneous – with my mind stopping and dissolving at spontaneous intervals during meditation.

I quickly began to have visions of Divine Light and wonderful inner sounds (celestial music). I was given a Mantra that had a powerful impact on making my mind quiet. The chanting practice I was taught was a powerful form of Meditation unto itself. And the most important experience of all is that I finally attained states of indescribable Joy on a regular basis. A state of peace washed over me, increasing my experience of content, gratitude and deeply heartfelt Love, without distinctions.

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This was just the beginning. The Shaktipat Kriya process that came afterward was the ultimate Blessing and journey to the permanent experience of the states I describe above. This is what authentic Shaktipat is all about.

Why Shaktipat? – The Greatest Spiritual Initiation

After receiving this tremendous Blessing, a profound shift in my spiritual journey began very quickly. This occurred within days of having this transmission of God’s Grace bestowed on me. Later, I was taught about this being the first step in mastering Shaktipat Meditation and engaging what we refer to here in Sadhana.

I have received a number of ‘initiations’ in my life, some of them religious and/or spiritual (baptism as a baby, baptism in a river as a young adult, benedictions, American Indian initiation ceremonies and initiation into monastic life). However, I had never experienced an initiation like this – one that is the greatest gift of my life. This initiation began an incredible, transforming journey of retracing my steps back to God.

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Prior to receiving this blessing of Grace that also invoked healing on so many tangible levels, I had never had a personal relationship with God. I had never had the direct experience of the Absolute. My experience had been limited to intellectual knowledge with a few, short glimpses of something ‘other worldly’ here and there. And my spiritual attainment (or lack thereof) had never been tested.

So, all of this changed under the spiritual leadership and companionship of my Shri Gurudev (spiritual mentor/companion)!