What Is Shaktipat?


Experience The Fullness of Your Humanity
In the Constant Delight of the Inner Self!

Do you live in a state of constant delight? What Would You Give To Live In A State of Grace, Joy and Inspiration?

Shaktipat is the answer. Authentic Shaktipat is transmitted by look, touch, the giving of specific mantras, and/or by the mere will of the Shaktipat Guru.

The Blessing of Grace

Beyond your mind and beyond your senses a living treasure awaits you! Derived from Sanskrit (the oldest language on the planet), Shaktipat means the descent of the Grace-bestowing power of God. Important to understand, this Blessing occurs when a Shakta Adept transmits this Grace-bestowing power to the seeker. The power is actually contained in a lineage of Sages of which Sadguru Kedarji serves. It is the power of this lineage, dating back to the pre-bronze age, that Sadguru Kedarji is the perfect vessel for transmitting.

Consider The Source

Have you heard or read conflicting information about Shaktipat?

So, you have to consider the source first! The reason for doing so is that, often people who have never received authentic Shaktipat state they are experts in giving it! There are even spiritual teachers who have chimed in, never having served another Shaktipat Guru.

It’s No Different With Shaktipat

Do you go to a massage therapist for treatment of a dangerous virus!? Would you ask someone on welfare to advise you about making money investing in the stock market!? Therefore, when it comes to Shaktipat, opinions are useless because it is time-honored. This is a proved Blessing, backed by a lineage of Sages! Most of all, direct experience is what matters. You have to consider the source where information about this blessing of Grace is concerned.

Sitting Practice Alone Are Not Enough To Secure The Goal

You may find meditation, chanting and the study of sacred texts useful for spiritual uplift. However, on their own, these practices are not enough to secure a steady experience of the Self. On their own, they are not enough for you to experience them permeating your daily, mundane life. For that, you need a catalyst, a spark that will catapult you into a new dimension of awareness.

Consequently, this heightened awareness makes for a quiet mind and steadiness of joy, peace and happiness. These are spontaneous and lasting experiences. Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing secures this state.

What Makes It Authentic?

Authentic Shaktipat. What is it? Unfortunate is the fact that the reference to ‘Shaktipat’ has gone the commercial route of the term ‘Yoga.’ Today, the way people reference this most sacred of blessings has often been bastardized. Unqualified individuals do this in order to promote it as a business designed to increase their income, following and notoriety. You should avoid this kind of business hype and ploy.

Miraculous Effect

When you receive this highest and greatest transmission of God’s Grace bestowing power from a genuine Shaktipat Guru who is in a lineage of such beings, the effect is miraculous. People experience this miracle both at the onset and over time. Such Sadgurus are very rare! So many people who have come here have shared the following. They state that they have meditated for years. These people say they had glimpses of bliss, joy and peace. But the same people tell us that they still have not changed much as people.

Where’s The Lasting Transformation?

They are they are the same person they were, with the same issues, tendencies and circumstances. Especially, the ones they always had before sitting for meditation. These people share that they are still not established in the permanent spiritual transformation they have sought for so long. For people everywhere, herein lies the difference. Because this Blessing transforms you in every way to establish you in the highest.

If you receive authentic Shaktipat, here’s what you can expect:

  • You will receive this Grace-bestowing power in the way that is best for you.
  • It will be a subtle transmission, extended to you in a way that is safe and nurturing.
  • You will never get more energy than you can handle at the time of receipt.
  • You will not only have great inner experiences. You will also change and become a better person in all the areas of your life, permanently.
  • Listen to the audio of individual experience shares on this page, to verify the above. Then prove it to yourself by enrolling in our weekend intensive. You can’t argue with experience!

The Shaktipat Blessing weekend meditation retreat is the core offering in our curriculum. Hear what people have to say about it.

~ Jamie W. Georgetown, TX.

~ Amanda H. Erie, PA.

~ Kambra M. Pittsburgh, PA.

~ Ben T. Parkland, FL.

~Tiffany S. Erie, PA.

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The Leadership of Experts Who Were Sages

These Sadgurus also exposed the rest of the world to the scriptures and sacred texts in which authentic Shaktipat is described. The utterances of these sages also describe who can give it. So, any individual or group of people who claim to know what Shaktipat is would have to have participated in a lineage of such Sadgurus. Important to note, the same goes for anyone claiming to give it. Therefore, these people would also have to have spent extended time in the service of such a being. Otherwise, they cannot know what Shaktipat is, nor how it is transmitted.

16 Levels

In addition, there are 16 levels of the transmission of this Grace. Only one of them is the full awakening of the highest Shakti! If you wanted to operate on hearts, would you read a book to acquire that skill!? Or would you mentor under a successful heart surgeon? Suppose you wanted to become an astro engineer. Would you qualify after reading web pages on the Internet!? Or after graduating from an accredited school of qualified, experienced engineers? So, the true spiritual path is no different from these things!

Tantric Sex Is Not Shaktipat

Tantric sex has nothing to do with Shaktipat. Sex enthusiasts or tantric sex groups know nothing of this Kundalini awakening. If you are seeking genuine Shaktipat, avoid such people and groups. Authentic Shaktipat Gurus and the sacred texts that explain Shaktipat in detail, mention nothing of sex at all, connected to this highest Blessing of Grace!


You, the spiritual aspirant and true seeker, should weigh the true understanding of what authentic Shaktipat is and what it is not. Do so before making a decision to enter into this most precious initiation and life-transforming gift. View the video below in which Sadguru Kedarji describes authentic Shaktipat. This Blessing is a profound spiritual awakening. It begins the easy path to permanent spiritual transformation and Liberation.

What Shaktipat Is Not

Is the Shaktipat Blessing offered by Sadguru Kedarji the same as Healing processes? Is it the same as modalities like Reiki, Rolfing, Rebirthing, Spiritualists or past life regression?

NO. Dependent upon the purity of the healing practitioner, illnesses can be healed by transmitting energy through meridians (energy channels connected to organs and tissues) to heal the body. However, this has nothing to do with Shaktipat. So, although healing of illnesses may and do occur as a result of Shaktipat, these are side benefits. Sadguru Kedarji’s Blessing of Grace is even greater than these kinds of benefits. When you receive Shaktipat from Sadguru Kedarji, this begins a purification process. The latent impurities and limiting, binding tendencies that prevent you from realizing your true nature, are destroyed. This happens by way of the Guru’s Grace. These latent impurities also include the Karmas that are the cause of all illness and disease.

Shaktipat Is Not Hypnosis Or Psychotherapy

**Also important to understand is this. Shaktipat is not a process of hypnosis. It is not any kind of hypnotherapy. Nor is it a method for you to allow outcomes to be subtly suggested to you. This is not a process of providing tools for you to suggest these to yourself either. Shaktipat is not a psychotherapeutic process for utilizing the mind, senses and emotions in cathartic measures. Shaktipat has nothing to do with the power of suggestion. We strongly encourage you to steer clear of anyone who engages any form of hypnosis, suggesting to you that this is, in any way, connected to Shaktipat.