What is Shaktipat?

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  1. Gain a better understanding of what Shaktipat is.
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  3. Better understand how this Blessing unfolds.


What is Authentic Shaktipat? This Blessing is transmitted by look, touch, the giving of specific mantras, and/or by the mere will of the authorized Sadguru. Unfortunately, the reference to this profound blessing has gone the commercial route of the term ‘Yoga.’ People find that the reference to this most sacred of blessings has often been bastardized. Calling any energetic transmission experience Shaktipat is like calling aspirin a cure-all for any symptom or disease. We already know that is false! You should avoid this kind of business hype and ploy.

Shakta Adepts brought the experience and knowledge of what Shaktipat is to the West and Europe. They were Shaktipat Gurus in a lineage of such beings. They served their own Masters for many years. In this way, they earned their Guru’s Grace. They also earned the authority and power to transmit this most precious Grace-bestowing power of God. People did not know what this blessing of Grace is before these beings graced our planet! View the video below of Sadguru Kedarji to learn more.

The Leadership of Experts Who Were Sages

These beings also exposed the rest of the world to the scriptures and sacred texts in which authentic Shaktipat is described. Their utterances also describe who can give it. So, any people who claim to know what this is would have to have participated in a lineage of Sadgurus who have been vested in the authority to give it. They would also have to have spent extended time in the service of such a being. And, before being authorized to give it. Otherwise, they cannot know what it is, or how it is transmitted.

If you want to operate on hearts, do you read a book to acquire that skill? Or, do you mentor under a successful heart surgeon? The true spiritual path is no different from these things!

You, the spiritual aspirant, should weigh the right understanding of what authentic Shaktipat is and what it is not. You should do so before making a decision to enter into this most precious initiation and life-transforming gift. This Blessing is a profound spiritual awakening that begins the easy path to permanent spiritual progress and Liberation.

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  1. Joy Reply

    More than your words this one feels your truth and authencity. I have been honored to have shaktipat from an established lineage which encourages daily specialized ancient practices.

    Your shaktipat blessings were felt even before finding this page. The entrainment fields are alive and well:)

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