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ON 10/1-3/2021

Friday from 7:30 – 9pm
Saturday, from 9:45am – 5pm
Sunday, from 9:45am – 3pm

Extended Stays

Review our package offerings toward the bottom of this page, for extending your stay after this Shaktipat intensive.

This promises to be another transformational retreat. It is being offered on the occasion of the annual celebration of Muktananda Paramahamsa’s Mahasamdhi (final passing). In this weekend Shaktipat Blessing retreat we honor the existence, Blessing and instruction of Sadguru Kedarji’s Guru, Muktananda Paramahamsa, one of the greatest Siddhas of our living legacy. To do so, we will be examining the secrets Muktananda Baba imparted on the 5-Fold Act of Divine Consciousness and our part in it. This is the root of our Siddha Science, also called Shaivism.

**All weekend Shaktipat Blessing Retreats are also framed in lessons and methods contained in Sadguru Kedarji’s 4 Pillars of Total Well-Being; The Spiritual Power, Improved Mental State, Emotional Resilience and Vibrant Health.

In this 2.5-day weekend meditation retreat Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing will be given. We will also examine the wisdom, methods and instruction of our Siddha Science, as taught by Muktananda Baba, and how we can apply these to our daily existence to realize the indescribable Joy and Peace of the Self in every situation and circumstance. There will be a lot of chanting and meditation in this retreat. 

Additional Benefit

One month after this retreat, we offer you a Free, retreat followup orientation. In this follow up orientation, you will experience an introduction to our mini courses that are scheduled year-round. This followup orientation is also designed to offer you any support you need in applying the methods taught in this retreat. **The retreat followup orientation is webcast live, for those who do not live in the region of our retreat center.


This weekend Shaktipat Blessing retreat will take place at the Nityananda Shaktipat Yoga Sanctuary and Church of the Heart, 841 Boardman-Canfield Rd., Suite 302, Youngstown (Boardman), Ohio 44512. **This location is handicapped accessible.

**If you live outside the state of Ohio and are unable to travel, you can request to attend this retreat remotely via live webcast if you have attended a previous Shaktipat Blessing retreat or have been otherwise engaged in our program offering through courses on or offline. Contact us to request an application, and with any questions regarding eligibility to attend remotely.


$495 with accommodations
$385 without accommodations


  • Vegan meals included at no cost. ($50 value)
  • Free participation in monthly teleconference satsangs each and every month, post retreat (priceless)
  • The Free, retreat followup orientation.
  • A free subscription to our eNewsletter. You can safe unsubscribe at any time with one click.

If you want to enroll someone under the age of 18, contact us. If this is your first Shaktipat retreat with Sadguru Kedarji, you will receive an intensive questionnaire which you must submit for us to complete your enrollment. You will receive that after you enroll, and before your payment is processed. This is a requirement only for your first time enrolling.

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Why Not Extend Your Stay!?

You can extend your stay for 2 or 3 days after the Shaktipat Meditation retreat ends. People do this to gain valuable support in beginning and sustaining the methods and instruction offered in the weekend retreat. In addition, coaching is offered in our well-being methods that include holistic healing and lifestyle approaches for vibrant health.


EXTENDED STAY PACKAGE 1: Monday and Tuesday after the weekend retreat. Check out by Wednesday morning.

  • An Ecology of Well-Being Assessment plus two, 90-minute private sessions with a certified Ecology of Well-Being practitioner. The private sessions include the experience of the Ecology of Well-Being healing modality for healing symptoms of chronic health conditions and disease.
  • One 20-minute private Darshan with Sadguru Kedarji. Darshan means vision of God or the Truth. A private Darshan with Sadguru Kedarji is a time when you can ask questions and get answers regarding your spiritual life and journey, while also discussing what needs to be addressed in your mundane life to support your journey to well-being.
  • A 60-minute Hatha Yoga class each morning that includes the practice of The Maharudra Awakening process taught in the Shaktipat Meditation retreat. This is followed by chanting and meditation.
  • A delicious, authentic vegan lunch is served each day. (Breakfast and dinner can be had at any of the many eateries close by.)

This package includes overnight accommodations for Monday and Tuesday evening at no additional cost.

ENROLL NOW Extended Stay Package 1

EXTENDED STAY PACKAGE 2: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the weekend retreat. Check out by Thursday morning.

Everything in Package 1, plus the following:

  • An Herbal Remedy Consultation with a certified Soma Essential Healing & Well-Being practitioner.
  • 1 Hydrotherapy herbal foot soak.
  • An Ion foot detox treatment.
  • 2 Red light therapy sessions.

This package includes overnight accommodations for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening at no additional cost. See explanation of the above therapies.

ENROLL NOW Extended Stay Package 2

**View a Free online video to experience and learn more about our Shaktipat Meditation Retreat and Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing.

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