Weeklong Shaktipat Meditation Retreat

Our week-Long meditation retreat embodies deep meditation in solitude. Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing is also given. View the short video below to hear what people have to say about this retreat!


Week-long Retreat With Sadguru Kedarji and Our Spiritual Community

August 6-12, 2018

At Nileshwar Meditation & Spiritual Retreat Center. 841 Boardman-Canfield Rd, Suite 302, Boardman (Youngstown), OH 44512. **This location is handicapped accessible.


Does death really exist?

What is Karma?

How are Karmas created, engaged and dissolved?

What impact do your past and present Karmas have on your spiritual evolution and how can you prevent these from stunting your permanent spiritual growth?

The understanding of death, immortality and the prison of Karmas is essential, both with respect to spiritual transformation that is permanent and the experience of the freedom of Liberation that can be had from moment-to-moment. This topic is also the least understood among yogis on the spiritual path.

In this week-long meditation retreat, the above questions will be answered. To be free of the prison of your Karmas, you have to conquer doership. This requires a lot more than just lip service. In this week-long meditation retreat, you will be taught how to do so. We will also examine Karma in-depth and we will address death, the fear of death and death’s resolution.

Week-Long Meditation Retreat

In order to make lasting progress on the spiritual path, it is essential that you are able to stop creating new Karmas for yourself that you will then have to face the consequences of, in this life or the next. It is also vital that you learn what death really is, so that you can live in the state of immortality that is Grace, and so that you are able to face the death of your ego and body, to go to God.

The basis of this week-long meditation retreat will be the examination of the instruction of the Sages of our lineage with respect to Karma and Death. The wisdom of our lineage will be experienced in the context of applying this vital understanding and instruction to our daily lives.

We will examine the nature of Karma and sacred law and will experience the transformative power of Grace that changes destiny, the Grace that frees us from the karmic patterns that keep us trapped in cycle after cycle of bondage. There will be a lot of chanting and meditation in this retreat.

“There is a place within us that is so nurturing and sacred, so awesome that it burns away all that we are not. Bhagawan Nityananda refers to this sacred space as the Heart. He says it is the hub of all sacred places and that we should roam there. This is what we will be doing in the week-long retreat.” ~ Sadguru Kedarji

**In this very short period of time we can renew our spiritual practice and lifestyle by reigniting the flame of our enthusiasm and longing for a life imbued with boundless Joy and Content. This happens by coming into contact with other devoted seekers and Sadguru Kedarji’s adept companionship as our spiritual leader.

This 7-day retreat will culminate in Sadguru Kedarji’s Shaktipat Blessing, our weekend Shaktipat Meditation retreat honoring Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri and the miracle of His Grace. For this reason, this intensive is named The Miracle Intensive.

August 6-12, 2018.


The daily schedule will include the following and is subject to change;

  • Early morning open Meditation, followed by morning chanting program.
  • Personal contemplation period.
  • Group discussion period.
  • Noon chanting program.
  • Afternoon breaks to be in Nature.
  • Afternoon courses led by Kedarji.
  • Evening program of examination of spiritual disciplines, meditation and chanting, led by Kedarji.
  • Periods of silence.
  • A bonus session on the topic of vibrant health and Total Well-Being.

In addition, there will be time set aside for rest and Guruseva.


Nileshwar Retreat Center. 841 Boardman-Canfield Rd, Suite 302, Boardman (Youngstown), OH 44512. **This location is handicapped accessible.

Nearby airports are Pittsburgh International airport, Youngstown/Warren regional airport and Cleveland Hopkins International airport – all within 60-90 minutes or less from Nileshwar Retreat Center.


$1,349 per person for the full retreat. The retreat cost includes any and all study materials used in the retreat.

The retreat cost includes seven nights of shared accommodations (Sun. through Sat.) in private rooms, 2-3 people per room (males and females share separate rooms), and three vegetarian home-cooked meals each day (except the last day of the retreat in which dinner is not served). **If your overnight stay needs to be extended for up to 2 nights, additional accommodations can be purchased separately at $55/night.


We cannot promise that single rooms will be available for this retreat. Single room assignments will be made, based on availability of space. Single room assignments will only be made, after July 16th, when we know if there is available space.

If you need a guarantee of a single room, we suggest that you opt for the commuter enrollment (see below) and seek accommodations at local hotels.


If you snore on a regular basis, you must indicate that on your application for this retreat. If your application is approved, we will contact you about accommodations, if you intend to have them.


Those living locally and anyone who does not need overnight accommodations may attend this retreat, as well.


$1,019 per person for the full retreat. The retreat cost includes any and all study materials used in the retreat. Meals are included in the commuter package at no additional cost. Accommodations are not included.


A deposit of $350 is required to hold your place for the retreat, regardless of which package you choose. You can also choose to pay in full.

Deposit deadlines and balance deadlines are indicated in the application package.


Your deposit is refundable up until June 29, 2018, minus a $25 handling fee. After June 29, there are no refunds. The balance of your enrollment fee is due in full by July 16, 2018. The balance of the enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Your application must be approved first. If approved, you will receive payment instructions via email, and you are encouraged to make your deposit as early as possible to reserve your place. Use our contact form, to request your application.