Sadguru Kedarji

Sadguru Kedarji

Sadguru Kedarji Shaktipat Guru.

You can find out who Sadguru Kedarji Shaktipat Guru is by spending some time in his company. You will find this to be the best way to experience how the power of Grace that he transmits can impact your life for the better. Come join us. Be with Sadguru Kedarji Shaktipat Guru and our spiritual community. Doing so, you will experience the profound spiritual leadership that awaits you here. You will find Sadguru Kedarji to be an outgoing, warm and accessible spiritual mentor with a great sense of humor. We hope to welcome you soon to our programs.

Just as a teacher or mentor is required in the arts, sciences, athletics and so on in order to become really competent in those fields. So too, in the field of permanent spiritual transformation, a competent spiritual master is required. One who has attained the goal of spiritual life.

Authentic Spiritual Companion

Sadguru Kedarji Shaktipat Guru is such a being. He is not just a Teacher. Kedarji is a Sadguru (True Guru) in a long lineage of great sages that includes the great sage Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri. Affectionately called Kedarji, he is also a master of true meditation. In this way, he serves as a spiritual mentor. Kedarji has more than 30 years experience instructing meditation, wellness and whole life transformation. Kedarji’s leadership in these areas comes from his direct experience of being established in the state that embodies the fullness of Humanity in the constant Delight, Peace and Joy of the inner Self.

Students and devotees have said that he has the power to give the direct experience of what is being taught. Sadguru Kedarji takes great joy in glorifying his lineage. He does so in talks, courses and in our Shaktipat Meditation intensives. You can read more about his lineage in his spiritual autobiography, Vibration of Divine Consciousness.

Shaktipat Guru – Shaktipat Blessing

Kedar. It means Blessing of Grace. Ji is a term of affection. Guru – one who shows you the darkness of your own ignorance, while liberating you from it. You can only experience this by the power of Grace. Shaktipat Gurus like Sadguru are very rare. Keeping the company of Kedarji is a blessing where one can experience that power of Grace that embodies permanent spiritual transformation. Kedarji’s offering to us is based in the oral tradition of a centuries-old lineage of spiritual leadership. People who spend time in his presence say that they find their lives permanently transformed for the better.

Kedarji’s ability to help us access the true knowledge and experience of why we are here is as profound today as in ancient times. To cross paths with Sadguru Kedarji is no accident. People have said that, to do so is a Divine gift. They share that this allows them to retrace their steps back to the Abode of the Heart. This is a sacred place of lasting healing, incredible joy and profound peace. Sadguru Kedarji uses every God-given ability he has to make himself more accessible and useful. If you have Longing in your heart to know the profound Truth of your existence here, Kedarji offers you his Love, Grace and leadership.

More About Sadguru Kedarji Shaktipat Guru

Sadguru Kedarji is the Founder of The Bhakta School, our public charity. In addition, he is also the spiritual leader of The Art of Inner Transformation. Kedarji was raised in the Catholic and Christian religious traditions. Later, he kept the company of Self-realized Love Beings in the East. It is there that he found his Guru.

He has integrated his experience and transformation into a multi-faceted approach to permanent spiritual transformation. This approach also includes healing and total well-being. Sadguru Kedarji worked with and was mentored by the early pioneers of the Whole Life, Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Healing movements. Additionally, these have now come to be known as wellness and lifestyle medicine approaches to vibrant health.

Studies In Preventive Medicine

Sadguru Kedarji studied oriental medicine, iridology and holistic nutrition with Michio Kushi, founder of the Macrobiotic movement in America. He completed his studies and training in Oriental Medicine, graduating from The Kushi Institute in 1979, having mentored directly under Michio Kushi. He also studied with Aveline Kushi, Dr. Bernard Jensen and Wataru Ohashi of Ohashi Institute and Health.

Additional Mentoring

Additional mentoring occurred under Michael Abehsera, Masaaki Yamaguchi, the founder of Souen health and William Dufty, author of the book Sugar Blues. Important to note, Kedarji also studied herbology, botanical medicine and holistic, vegan cooking with Anne Marie Colbin. Victor Kulvinskas was also a mentor, both of them original pioneers in these fields.

With this extensive background in Total Well-Being, Kedarji has integrated a formidable, Total Well-Being approach into The Art of Inner Transformation curriculum. View a video in which he speaks more about this integration and offering. Sadguru Kedarji is also the founder and owner of Soma Essential Healing.

Greatest Gift

Sadguru Kedarji’s greatest gift to us is his Shaktipat Blessing that begins the journey back to our primordial home. The Self of all, the Ultimate Reality. In The Art of Inner Transformation, this gift of Grace is the foundation for permanent spiritual transformation. Sadguru Kedarji’s ability and authority to lead others to permanent spiritual transformation and realization of the Self is evident to all who keep his company. Additionally, you can begin to experience this videos at this web site. This is also evident in the posted experience shares, the documented statistics, and conversations with those who have served our mission the longest. You may also be interested in reading his spiritual autobiography, Vibration of Divine Consciousness.

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Sadguru Kedarji Shaktipat Guru